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fire piston

Never heard of this before, but looks kinda cool. It uses the heat from compression to ignite a fire. Very interesting, and looks to be tons easier than a fire drill or even flint and steel. How to make a fire piston MagLite fire piston History of the Fire Piston

log cabin

Interesting development. The Bear is talking about the scout troop building a log cabin Scout Hut on the church property. Where the garage to the most recent scout hut was, so that it will not take up valuable parking lot space if the church ever does pave that lot. His family will donate the logs, [Continue]

be prepared

For food, for raiment, For life, for opportunity, For friendship and fellowship, We thank Thee, O Lord. Amen. That’s how we used to end most of our Scout meetings. Most people know it as the Philmont Creed, but it’s actually the Worth Ranch Creed, Philmont got it from Scouts from our Council. Anyway, four Scouts [Continue]