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pinewood derby

Went over to Luis & Michelle’s yesterday and helped with their three boys pinewood derby cars. It was great fun. Their derby was today. I did not go, but I hear they all got middle of the pack. At least none of them came in dead last. Dillian I hear even won one heat, so [Continue]

why be prepared for stuff?

Why do I keep some canned food and some gallons of bottled water, and a few extra sleeping bags, some wool blankets, and some gasoline and stuff like that around? Quarter-million still without power in icy Kentucky “Over a quarter of a million people in Kentucky remained without power Monday after a devastating winter storm [Continue]

fire piston

Never heard of this before, but looks kinda cool. It uses the heat from compression to ignite a fire. Very interesting, and looks to be tons easier than a fire drill or even flint and steel. How to make a fire piston MagLite fire piston History of the Fire Piston

neat looking pepper spray “gun”

Mace® PepperGun™ “Have access to the look, the feel and the power of a handgun, but in a nonleathal form. Rather than electronic personal defense mechanisms, which require you to be in close proximity to your assailant, the PepperGun sprays up to 25 feet. To load, simply push the barrel release button and slide in [Continue]

listening to katrina

Listening to Katrina “On August 29, 2005, Hurricane Katrina became the largest natural disaster in United States history. After the levees failed, it became the largest man-made disaster in United States history. This blog is a chronicle of what happened to myself and my family during those events. It is also a documentation of lessons [Continue]

medical books

Welcome to Hesperian’s Online Library: “Hesperian has made a commitment to publish online versions of all of our books and to keep those online editions up-to-date, incorporating all corrections and revisions as they are made. The Following Titles are available for Free Download: We are happy to have other organizations link to our online publications, [Continue]

more light reading

Backyard Chickens Growing Vegetables in Containers I may try cucumbers, tomatoes, and jalapenos. Can you grow your own black eyed peas, peanuts, cantaloupe, and mangoes? Ok, I know mangoes grow on a tree, but I wonder if that tree can be grown in a container, or if it can grow here anyway with the soil [Continue]

be prepared

For food, for raiment, For life, for opportunity, For friendship and fellowship, We thank Thee, O Lord. Amen. That’s how we used to end most of our Scout meetings. Most people know it as the Philmont Creed, but it’s actually the Worth Ranch Creed, Philmont got it from Scouts from our Council. Anyway, four Scouts [Continue]