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been a while

Sorry I haven’t blogged anything in a while. School got busy, plus work and life. Ended up with a B in Calculus, and A’s in Intro to Engineering and Intermediate Machine Shop. Gonna take a higher load of classes in the fall, Calc 2, Physics 1, Intro to Electrical Engineering Lab Tools(not what it’s called, [Continue]

crazy people

Crazy people do crazy things. Crazy people killing people is not a new thing. School attacks by crazy people are not new, either. Nor are attacks where the attacker suicides at the end. Nor is this just an American thing. It’s world wide and all throughout history. update: Looks like the Connecticut elementary school shooter’s [Continue]


Taking precalculus and Basic Machine Shop, so I’m in class from 1900 to 2100ish M-Th. Takes 1.5 hours, on average, to get to class from work, so if I leave the office by 1730 I get there just in time for class. blech. First test in precal is this weekend, it’s take home. We’ll see [Continue]

model rocketry

Model rocketry stuff: C.L. Stong’s June 1957 column in Scientific Ammerican about the field of amateur rocketry Captain Bertrand R. Brinley’s 1960 book, Rocket Manual for Amateurs looks veryvery cool! Ignite! is a rocket science program for high school kids where they get to build 6ft + tall model rockets and launch them into space. [Continue]

prof splains how to lecture properly

Pretty interesting, and no reason why this wouldn’t work in meetings or when giving speeches. Boring Within or Simply Boring? “Frankly, it gets my dander up when I hear professors proclaim they “don’t have the gift” for giving good lecturers. Lecturing is not genetically determined like eye color or a receding hairline. The most common [Continue]

edumacatin’ your chillins

Educating your children: “When I asked for blog topics, the most frequent request had to do with homeschooling. It is a huge topic. Over the next several weeks I will attempt to write about the various aspects of the subject, documenting our experience, and the experiences of those I met in our homeschooling travels. At [Continue]

how children learn

“The only good reason for playing games with babies is because we love them, and delight in playing these games with them and sharing in their delight with them — not because we want someday to get them into college. It is our delight in the baby and the games that makes the game fun, [Continue]

obama’s namesake school to obama: where’s the assistance you promised?

Barack Obama’s broken promise to African village: “[Obama] told the assembled press, local politicians (who included current Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga), and students: “Hopefully I can provide some assistance in the future to this school and all that it can be.” He then turned to the school’s principal, Yuanita Obiero, and assured her and [Continue]

everyday math

A quick googling of Everyday Math Sucks led to a few decent links: An A-Maze-ing Approach To Math It’s Official: Everyday Math Sucks Opposed to Everyday Mathematics program in Hollis, NH What’s the difference between a JK Rowling novel and an US Math Book?

the baby borrowers

Seriously, I’m busy as hell today, and sadly probably will be until at least the 10th, if not longer. Ugh. Fucking work. But, but! I just had to mention how frikin’ awesome the show The Baby Borrowers is. Go watch it now, or later on this evening, I think it’s viewable on NBC’s website. If [Continue]

reason to homeschool number 1029

“Kim Sweet, executive director of nonprofit group Advocates for Children, noted her group often gets calls from parents hit with false charges and said, “When schools are frustrated with a problem, they reach for educational neglect even though they know it’s not really the right option.”” SCHOOL REPORTS MOM AS ‘ABUSER’: “Bronx HS of Science [Continue]

leggo my lego!

wtf? Why We Banned Legos “Carl and Oliver,* both 8-year-olds in our after-school program, huddled over piles of Legos. They carefully assembled them to add to a sprawling collection of Lego houses, grocery stores, fish-and-chips stands, fire stations, and coffee shops. They were particularly keen to find and use “cool pieces,” the translucent bricks and [Continue]