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So on another blog there was a discussion about bathrooms and gross bathrooms, and well, I for some reason felt inclined to share. And since I am in such a good mood, I thought I’d share this little vignette with y’all. It is rather gross, so y’all may want to skip it. Just sayin’.

you’re gonna shoot your thumb off

And speaking of gross as hell stuff, Here’s pictures of a guy who shot part of his thumb off. His thumb was too close to the cylinder gap on his revolver and the expanding gasses coming out of the gap blew off part of his thumb! “460XVR blew my thumb off today! No joke, about [Continue]

why shop safety is a good thing

Very Graphic! Might Not be Safe For Work! Why wearing a long sleeve around a lathe can be deadly Seriously, you may hurl when you look at the pictures. This guy got his shirt caught in a lathe and it pulled him into the machine and took off a large part of his head. I’m [Continue]

spam subject line of the week

“Beat her womb with your new big rod, so that she knew who wears the pants!” Wow. What to say about this one. First off, everything is spelled correctly, so that’s odd. Although some grammar is wrong with “knew” instead of “knows”. Not past tense, present tense. Secondly, “beat her womb”? Wow, never would’ve thought [Continue]

daily ewww

The Tomb of Bacon Where bacon goes to slowly rot over a years time. In a clear lexan cube so we can see what it looks like as it does so. Also an egg in another cube. Pretty gross. Yet fascinating.