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So you may have noticed the ads from Zazzle over on the right of the page. I don’t get much from them, only when t-shirts or bumperstickers or whatever that I’ve designed are sold. There is some way to set it up so that if you were to click on Zazzle from my site and [Continue]

upcoming posts

I’m working of three rather large, Kevin Baker-ish posts. None of them have exactly clicked yet, and who knows I may get discouraged and drop them, but just so you know, I am working on: How to Fix Our Government, or at least some changes that need to be made The Bailout and why it [Continue]

even more site maintenance

Well, I’m back up, mostly. Still need to work on getting the site to look like it did, but at least now it’s viewable. Seems that the email address that was overflowing with spam was also somehow linked to my FTP and web access, so deleting it messed thing sup. Then to “fix” the disk [Continue]

site maintenance

Sorry, y’all, and me for that matter, are unable to view the site right now. Seems that a throw away email account got an assload, nay, a metric assload, of spam, overflowing it’s allotment, and shutting the site down for a while. I have deleted the offending email address and all the emails contained within, [Continue]

house sitting

I’ll be house sitting till next Friday, so I may not be posting much as I’m not hauling my computer over there. Also they have a pretty well stocked workshop, so I may be goofing off in there a lot.

keep the ads?

So, since I think this poll thing is working: Should I keep the Google Ads? So far, since August of 2007, I have “earned” a whopping… $74.04! They only send out checks in even $100 amounts, so I’ve yet to get paid. So I’ll leave it up to you, my readers, do I keep the [Continue]

google adsense totals

Woo-hoo! Page impressions Clicks Page CTR Page eCPM Earnings AdSense for Content top channels 40,758 346 0.85% $1.07 $43.65 Video Units 2,697 10 0.37% $0.27 $0.73 view all AdSense for Content channels »   Queries Clicks CTR eCPM [?] Earnings AdSense for Search 48 0 0.00% $0.00 $0.00 view all AdSense for Search channels » [Continue]

site maintenance

Didn’t really like the videos that youtube was showing, especially the “if you hunt with a firearm you are a pussy” parts 1 and 2. For some reason, those two showed up a lot. So no more youtube video thingy on the right.

site maintenance

Added a youtube video thing over on the right. It should be weighted towards firearm related videos, and anything featuring Chewbacca. I guess y’all noticed that it messes up the page layout, gonna try and fix that if I can figure out how to change the widths of the columns. I want to make the [Continue]

spam comments

For some reason, and I have no idea why, my post on the Rachel Corrie Memorial Pancake Breakfast gets five or six spam comments a week. It’s really quite odd. Waaaaay more than any other post. I wonder why? Now that I’m thinking about Miss Corrie, I wonder how many “palestinians” were run over by [Continue]

site stuff

Added the recent comments thingy on the right. Saw it on Tina’s site, thought it was cool. It seems that lots of folks come to my site looking to buy M1 Garands, and have taken to advertising Garands for sale in the comments. I have no problem with that at all, I’m a big fan [Continue]

site maintenance

Changed the layout a little bit, added Google Ads over on the right. If they’re annoying, let me know. Any money earned from the ads will go to a noble cause: reloading supplies, ammo, firearms, and/or tools.


Sorry the site was slow today, got slashdotted boingboing’d. Lots of folks were trying to download the MultiMachine manual, so I had to take it offline. My server was craaaaaaaaaaawling. For those of you looking for it, try here instead: (hopefully his server does not die ) Thanks!

trying a new comments thing

Updated my comments anti-spam thingy today. Hopefully it gets rid of most of the spam automatically. As it was up till now I have to manually go through the comments log and decide what is spam and what is not. Thankfully the spammers are lazy and most of the time there will be three or [Continue]

site stuff

Sorry the site was down, our DSL was out intermitently for the last few weeks, and down from Friday till yesterday afternoon. Turns out it was a frayed wire. Which has been replaced. So we should be good now. Since our internets connection as down, the mail server was down , too, so if you [Continue]

there are comments in moderation (206)

“There are comments in moderation (206) ” gah! This is so damn annoying. And all you people out there paying other people ot go around advertising your services? Why the hell would I, or anyone with a functioning brain cell or two, _ever_ click on an ad that says: “visa application slacks fungus huts.discounting:cemeteries immoral [Continue]

beware evil spams

If you get anything like this, it’s SPAM. “> Dear user mkuser, > > You have successfully updated the password of your Gandalf23 account. > > If you did not authorize this change or if you need assistance with > your > account, please contact Gandalf23 customer service at: > > > Thank you [Continue]