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Lost dog

I screwed up. Last Saturday night I left the gate unlocked. We had a fairly big storm roll through that night. When I let the dogs out Sunday morning, May 1st, either the gate was open then or the wind opened it later, but by noon when I went to mow the yard the gate [Continue]

shimba! has a new home

“A sudden influx of new Nursery orphaned elephants during the month of February prompted us to move four of the older orphans to our rehabilitation facility at Voi, Tsavo East National Park. At first we felt that the Ithumba Centre might perhaps be the best destination for them, that area having had more rain, and [Continue]

schrodinger’s bong?

Neb. deputies say man stuffed cat inside ‘bong’ “OMAHA, Neb. — A man who tried to cool out his hyper cat by stuffing her into a boxlike homemade bong faces cruelty charges – and catcalls from animal lovers. Lancaster County sheriff’s deputies responding to a domestic disturbance call Sunday alleged they saw 20-year-old Acea Schomaker [Continue]


Someone please go adopt this dog, Marcy. She appears to be exactly like Trevor, down to not liking to play catch or fetch. Trevor would play for three throws, then he’d take the toy and go to his crate or somewhere and sit on it or chew on it, or do both. Probably not a [Continue]

that crazy mo

I just found out recently that Mohamed really, really, really hated dogs, going so far as to order his followers to kill all black dogs. Maybe he was bit as a child or something? I knew that muslims were not fond of dogs, and were not supposed to keep them as pets, but I had [Continue]


Smile you’re on ele-vision: How a camera attached to an elephant’s trunk captured amazing jungle views: “He fixed webcams to four elephants. One carried a “trunk-cam” – a device resembling a huge log concealing a camera which could be held in its trunk and dangled close to the ground. Another had a “tusk-cam” hooked over [Continue]


From Glenda: “here’s the update on little shimba. in the first picture, he’s the tiny one. (he’s not so tiny anymore!) SHIMBA holds the envious position of being the only male presently in the nursery group. Quite unlike the neurotic girls, he is mellow and more preoccupied with food than pretty much anything else, and [Continue]

two words: kitty wigs

Kitty Wigs . com “Kitty Wigs™ is a product of the feverish imagination of Julie Jackson and her siamese partner in crime, Boone. Sometimes the pressure of Julie’s day job (Subversive Cross Stitch), combined with Boone’s constant state of leisure results in loud music, wigs and dancing. This has brought such great stress relief (particularly [Continue]

little pond, meet the big fish

““If Ellen wants to place dogs and decide what’s a good home, then she should start her own rescue group,” she told “Inside Edition.” “But I’m the one doing this and I know what I’m doing.”” – Marina Batkis, co-owner of Mutts & Moms dog rescue organization I can’t find it now, but a few [Continue]

anyone need a dog?

Got a nice black border collie available. Very friendly! Adam & Tab have a puppy that they can not take care of properly and are looking for someone willing to adopt it. I assume there is no fee involved. He is a Jack Russel/Red Heeler (Australian Cattle Dog) mix Pictures of Bear Let me know [Continue]

puppy love

Canine couple together to the end “When it comes to puppy love and heartbreak, rush-hour traffic can wait. A male chow mix laid down in the middle of a busy street this morning to keep watch over its companion, a female German shepherd mix, after it was hit and killed by a car on Chambers [Continue]