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Taking precalculus and Basic Machine Shop, so I’m in class from 1900 to 2100ish M-Th. Takes 1.5 hours, on average, to get to class from work, so if I leave the office by 1730 I get there just in time for class. blech. First test in precal is this weekend, it’s take home. We’ll see [Continue]

trencher update

Little update on the Ditch Witch (trencher): Never did find the right manual for it. Used the trencher to level the site for our above ground pool last summer, then didn’t use it again till a couple of weeks ago. Expanded the area of level ground for a newer, larger above ground pool this year, [Continue]

ditch witch v30

I may be buying an old, built in 1941(? the data plate says 11-41 on it, I assume that’s the date of manufacture) , Ditch Witch model V30 this week. I need to dig a few trenches at my house (power out to the shed and future deck & sprinklers) , and my brother in [Continue]

kids _are_ competent!

Watch this! This guy is awesome! I want to do this with my nephews. The same guy wrote “50 dangerous things to do with your children” which I think I’ll have to add to my growing library-of-cool-stuff-to-do-with-the-nephews-(and-future-kids). Here is a family doing the 50 dangerous things one at a time. How fun! Oh, and the [Continue]

more flashlight goodness

Tactical Night Vision Company has a Q5 CREE LED DROP-IN LAMP for Surefire G2, and other Surefire flashlights. Not only an LED conversion, but also seriously ups the brightness (from 90ish to 220ish lumens), throw, and side spill. Looks great, may have to get one for the G2 I have, and at $45 each the [Continue]

pinewood derby

Went over to Luis & Michelle’s yesterday and helped with their three boys pinewood derby cars. It was great fun. Their derby was today. I did not go, but I hear they all got middle of the pack. At least none of them came in dead last. Dillian I hear even won one heat, so [Continue]

machine shop classes at mountainview

Found out yesterday that Mountainview College over in Dallas does offer classes in machine shop. Today I found out that like almost all college and university webpages I’ve been too this one sucked ass, and was extremely difficult to navigate. So here are the four classes they offer and their course description, for anyone else [Continue]

neat old book on safes and safecracking

Treatise on Fire and Thief-proof Safes & Depositories and Locks & Keys You can download the whole book in .pdf format from Google Books. Still need to buy three old safes from James and rework the doors just the locks into larger safes. Got the idea from Randolph Bulgin’s book where he shows how he [Continue]

fire piston

Never heard of this before, but looks kinda cool. It uses the heat from compression to ignite a fire. Very interesting, and looks to be tons easier than a fire drill or even flint and steel. How to make a fire piston MagLite fire piston History of the Fire Piston

goings on in my shed

Doings in my Shed has pictures on the various projects some dude in Austrailia has done in his shed, including making a Dave Gingery Shaper, which is kinda cool.

woodworking show is canceled

“Canceled The Woodworking Shows, Dallas, Texas December 5 to 7, 2008 Arlington Convention Center 1200 Ballpark Way Arlington, Texas 76011 1 (401) 253-2531” Wonder why? I’ve enjoyed going for the past several years. Always bought several hundred dollars worth of stuff, and I know my dad would buy even more. The last two years [Continue]

damn unions

I’m trying to figure out how to run a lathe and a mill. I tend to learn better when someone shows me how to do something, just reading a book tends to not be that great for me, although it does help. TCJC no longer has a program in machining, nor does any other school [Continue]

tree size free

Tree Size Free is a handy little program I just found that lets you know how much disk space you are using, and where. I was trying to figure out why my harddrive at the office was full, and it sucked ass to click on each folder and then properties to see how much was [Continue]

melting and casting metal

Interesting site on Melting and casting metal yourself but ugh…he bought a good used lathe and just destroyed it with a sledgehammer for the cast iron to melt into other stuff. What a waste. I am ill just thinking about it. Seriously, dude, go get some scrap from somewhere and don’t break up working machines [Continue]

machine shop videos from mit

Here are some neat Machine Shop videos from MIT. There are 10 of them, and so far they look pretty good. I’m still on the first one, but it looks like they’ll cover just about every aspect of basic machine shop practices. And they focus on using the machines, which is nice.

shop stuff

HOME SHOP TECH Articles by Frank Ford Pretty good stuff there, the ones I’ve looked at so far. We’ll be re-organizing, or maybe just organizing, the garage/shop shortly after the driveway is finished. I like his idea of painting steel pieces so that you know what’s what. And the wooden drawer organizers are good. And [Continue]