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gobar gas

Gobar Gas Go read the whole article, it’s three pages, but there are lots of pictures. This is very interesting technology. Basically you make a concrete pit with a domed top and dump in poop (people as well as animal) and you end up with good fertilizer (better than raw poop) and a biogas that [Continue]


You can view tv shows and movies and stuff over at Megastic. Caught the new Family Guy, where Bonnie, Joe’s wife, finally gives birth (after 7 seasons of being pregnant). “Clevland: You ever seen a horse wink?” “Brian Griffin: What’s it called? Stewie Griffin: Susie. Brian Griffin: Wow, a song named after a girl. There [Continue]

tree size free

Tree Size Free is a handy little program I just found that lets you know how much disk space you are using, and where. I was trying to figure out why my harddrive at the office was full, and it sucked ass to click on each folder and then properties to see how much was [Continue]

my weekend

Didn’t do much this weekend. Friday I went over to Glenda & Dean’s and had a burger at Steak & Shake (and a shake as well), played a couple of games of Star Wars Miniatures. I won one, Dean won the other. Saturday didn’t do much, Jordan was over with a friend. They played Xbox [Continue]


My mom got a virus today. It was kinda sneaky. It looks like a real anti-virus program, and it looks all official and very Microsoft XP like. They did a good job of imitating the colors and theme and scheme and whatnot. It’ll “run” and lo and behold it finds 457 viruses! Oh Noes! Then [Continue]

information technology vs. initiative

IT vs. initiative: The Internet age comes to the battlefield: “Commanders can no longer grab their men by the collars of their flak jackets and direct them toward an objective, because in most cases their men are out of reach and the objective is not a point on the map. They depend on their small-unit [Continue]


“Engineering is very different from physics. A good physicist is a man with new ideas. A good engineer is a man who makes something that works with as few new ideas as possible.” – Freeman Dyson

speel czech

I had accidentally added celebreated, millitary, and simillar to my dictionary in Mozilla Firefox. It automatically underlines in red words that it thinks are mispelt, which is nice, but the “Add to dictionary” option is real easy to hit by mistake. grrrr… Well, if this happens to you, here is how to fix it: “1. [Continue]

techshop austin

TechShop is coming to Austin!, which is cool, and I wish them lots of luck. Because I really, really want one of these to open up in DFW, preferably in Fort Worth, or Arlington or Grand Prairie, and not in Mesquite or Allen or Plano. What’s TechShop? “Wouldn’t it be great to have a full [Continue]

want some german dude’s fingerprint?

Hackers Publish German Minister’s Fingerprint: “To demonstrate why using fingerprints to secure passports is a bad idea, the German hacker group Chaos Computer Club has published what it says is the fingerprint of Wolfgang Schauble, Germany’s interior minister. According to CCC, the print of Schauble’s index finger was lifted from a water glass that he [Continue]

free culture

Free Culture “About Free Culture Lawrence Lessig could be called a cultural environmentalist. One of America‚Äôs most original and influential public intellectuals, his focus is the social dimension of creativity: how creative work builds on the past and how society encourages or inhibits that building with laws and technologies. In his two previous books, CODE [Continue]

awesome science fair project

Barbie Doll Electric Chair Science Fair Project “This is a science fair project that I did in middle school and completely disgusted the entire female staff of Benton Middle. The purpose of this project is to show how the electric chair works and discuss basic electricity – currents and conductivity. This is perhaps not the [Continue]

get me a h4c|<0Rz

Congressional aide admits trying to hire hackers — to boost his college GPA By Paul McNamara on Thu, 12/21/2006 – 6:59pm “The communications director for Montana’s lone congressman solicited the services of two men he falsely believed to be criminally minded hackers-for-hire — with the expressed goal of jacking up his college GPA — during [Continue]

sidewalk surfin’ “FACTOID: The fact is, kids have always wanted to make skateboard decks in their woodshop classes but teachers and students never knew how to put the concave shapes and turned up nose and tail in the wood. Decks cut out of plywood and pine stock just don’t work! And where do you drill for [Continue]


note to self: jsut realised i have no “Tech” or “Software” categories. I updated Trillian the other day. Well, a few weeks ago. Mainly so that I could converse with Adam of Arabia when he is online (veryvery rare). But it’s got a neat benefit of letting me know when emails arrive. Well, to my [Continue]