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no levee built improperly

Edited to add: Turns out this is false. They pulled some pillings (?) up and measured them. The specs said they needed to be 23 foot, they were 23 foot six inches! Engineers confirm LSU levee study “NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana (AP) — Government engineers performing sonar tests at the site of a major levee failure [Continue]

semper fi!

“A Marine Came for Me” (free registration required) “The odyssey of Marine Corporal Ross Craft (center) began with his hunt to find his aunt and uncle, Diane and Richard Angelico, who were missing in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. On 30 August, the day after Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast, shattered two levees, and [Continue]

NOPD steals 200! cars from dealer prior to Katrina

New Orleans cops investigated for allegedly stealing cars Friday, October 7, 2005; Posted: 7:35 p.m. EDT (23:35 GMT) “NEW ORLEANS (AP) — State authorities are investigating allegations New Orleans police officers broke into a dealership and made off with nearly 200 cars — including 41 new Cadillacs — as Hurricane Katrina closed in. “It is [Continue]


Umm…I’m sure that they…ummm…wanted to make sure that if the glass did break it wouldn’t fly around inside the store. Or prehaps it was more anti-looterfounder than anti-hurricane. Perhaps they didn’t want someone to be able to peel off the plywood and get inside and steal their waaaay overpriced books during or after the storm.

wouldn’t it be nice?

Donate $100 to Katrina relief and Brian Wilson, the Beach Boy, will “call you personally and answer a question you may have, or just say hello”. Also, he and his wife will match the donation.

a swamp of corruption

from the wall street journal, A Swamp of Corruption In Katrina’s wake, Louisiana’s political culture needs a cleanup too. Monday, September 26, 2005 12:01 a.m. EDT “Perhaps no footage from Hurricane Katrina was replayed more often than the “Meet the Press” clip of Aaron Broussard, president of Jefferson Parish, La., telling Tim Russert that bureaucrats [Continue]

Tropical Storm Zartan

They should start using a different list for hurricanes. Like use villans for comic books. Hurricane Scorpion, Hurricane Hulk, Hurricane Doom, Hurricane Apokalypse, Hurricane Magneto sound much more threatening than Hurricane (Marga)Rita. Newscaster: “Godzilla is coming. I repeat, Godzilla is coming ashore in five hours. We urge everyone in Godzilla’s path to evacuate. ” Random [Continue]

Rita update on Bonnie

Rita update on Bonnie. Got this Saturday night: “Bonnie’s back at home. We have power. Wind but no rain at our house. No damage, except lots of pine branches and needles. I will get a good night’s sleep tonight and head back to the office. Lot of people w/o electric power. But biggest problem is [Continue]

The Looter

The Looter – priceless Inspirational Poster That whole site has a ton of remixes of that one looter dude. All based off this one picture. Heiniken. Loot a cold one **Update** As my friend Luis mentioned, we can’t know if the dude looted or found the beer, so hence forth he shall be know no [Continue]

nra on the ground in LA

NRA ON THE GROUND IN LOUISIANA “As was reported last week, in the wake of unspeakable crimes perpetrated by roving, armed gangs and individuals, authorities in New Orleans seized legal firearms from lawful residents, effectively disarming the very citizenry they are sworn to protect. On Monday, NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre, and NRA-ILA Executive [Continue]

why the levee broke?

Understanding the levee breach in fairly un-technical terms. Of course, we all know that the Corps of Engineers is a bunch of racist thugs who blew up the canal and flooded the low-lying, poor, black area of town to save the rich white folks houses that were on…ummm…much higher ground and would not…hmmm…have been in, [Continue]

walmart stops selling guns in KAZ

from the boston Globe: Halted gun sales infuriate customers By Sasha Talcott, Globe Staff | September 11, 2005 “BATON ROUGE, La. — As fearful residents rush to stock up on guns, Wal-Mart, one of the region’s biggest suppliers, abruptly stopped selling them at 40 stores scattered throughout the Gulf Coast. The move infuriated some Wal-Mart [Continue]

Life Flight into NO

First hand account from a Life Flight helicoptor pilot from Houston. “Hello to everyone, This is a first-hand account of what is going on and went on in New Orleans. I spent two days (Friday & Saturday, 2-3 September) flying patients from New Orleans to Baton Rouge and Houston. Let me first say that the [Continue]

this bugs me

This really bothers the shit out of me. These guys are complaining that a dead body has been in the street near them for over a week. WTF? Who, exactly, do they think is gonna come take the guy away? The trash men? Do they expect folks to stop looking for and removing the living [Continue]