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From the Hico Times: Pictured above the the grave of Mrs. Eugimina Brewer, who passed away one year ago last Thursday after a long fight against lung cancer. Mrs. Brewer, “Miss Mina” to her many friends, sensing her impeding demise, and living off a fixed income of her husband’s pension, applied for every loan and [Continue]


This is without a doubt one of the more disturbing pictures I’ve seen: (click on more to see it. It’s kinda graphic, though. Although there is no blood, or anything sexual. It’s a dude getting gored by a bull, and the horn is under his skin on his leg and you can see the horn [Continue]


Smile you’re on ele-vision: How a camera attached to an elephant’s trunk captured amazing jungle views: “He fixed webcams to four elephants. One carried a “trunk-cam” – a device resembling a huge log concealing a camera which could be held in its trunk and dangled close to the ground. Another had a “tusk-cam” hooked over [Continue]


From Glenda: “here’s the update on little shimba. in the first picture, he’s the tiny one. (he’s not so tiny anymore!) SHIMBA holds the envious position of being the only male presently in the nursery group. Quite unlike the neurotic girls, he is mellow and more preoccupied with food than pretty much anything else, and [Continue]