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back up

So for the last two years, ish, this site has been wonky, and I apologize for that. The theme is was using, Landzilla, no longer works properly with the newer versions of PHP, so you got lots of nice little warnings and error messages every time you looked at the site, then the content was [Continue]

been a while

Sorry I haven’t blogged anything in a while. School got busy, plus work and life. Ended up with a B in Calculus, and A’s in Intro to Engineering and Intermediate Machine Shop. Gonna take a higher load of classes in the fall, Calc 2, Physics 1, Intro to Electrical Engineering Lab Tools(not what it’s called, [Continue]

das haus update

Pics of the house including after removing a lot of the weed bush-trees this weekend. Now I’m thinking I’ll need a riding mower, or maybe a tractor!, to mow all the grass. We cleared out a lot more room than I thought we had.

helpful hint

soooo… helpful hint. if you have a new house with easy to accidentally engage buttons on the door handles, it’s probably a good idea to hide a spare key outside. Or be prepared to wait for five hours for someone to show up with the spare key. On the plus side, our backdoor is surprisingly [Continue]

night three in new haus

So last night was the third night at the new house. Sorry posting has been pretty non-existent lately, but I’ve been busy. Still don’t have internets or cable tv at the new casa, hope to get that fixed this week. Got everything painted, except the bathrooms and the kitchen and the front entranceway. Everything else [Continue]

das haus update

Got two of the three bedrooms painted, except for the trim. Have four of the seven closets mostly painted, still missing some detail work in three of them. Did the first coat on the formal living room/library. The floor guy is coming next Friday, the 6th-ish of November, so we have to hurry and get [Continue]

bad news on house

Our realtor talked to the seller today. He’s pissed that we have not closed. We were supposed to close last Tuesday, and the fucking appraisal is still not done. I have called our mortgage consultant but he has not answered the phone, so I left a voice mail and sent him and email, but I’m [Continue]

not closing tomorrow :(

Seems that the previous people trying to buy the house started a FHA loan, and rather than cancel it it must be transfered from their lender to our lender. This takes time, and in our case it took too long. And our lender decided to wait for it rather than do the next steps, so [Continue]

1911 parts for sale

Continuing the clean out my closets to pay for closing costs on a house sale, I have the following 1911 parts for sale: (qty 20 16) Chip McCormick “Easy Fit” 1911 Sear part number 80012, $5 each (qty 3 2) Chip McCormick “Easy Fit” 1911 Grip Safety Extreme, Blue, part number 87044$20 each (qty 2) [Continue]

more stuff to sell!

Howdy everyone, It looks like I’m closing on a house next Tuesday, and I need to raise some cash for the closing. It’s a little more than I thought it’d be, so I’m cleaning out the closet and selling a lot of stuff, mostly firearm related. Magazines: I’ve got a bunch of MecGar CZ-75/85 magazines [Continue]

looking at a house

Sorry blogging has been light/non-existent lately. With the wedding it’s been crazy. And now we looked at a house and are dealing with contracts and realtors and lenders and gah! I really like the house and hope they accept our offer. It’s got an acre of backyard, backs onto a seven acre preserve to the [Continue]

she said YES!

Sunday night, June 13th, 2010. New Mexico desert. Mile marker 5 on NM 39, 8:30pm. The sun was setting. There was a small sliver of gold just above a distant mesa. Then a band of dark, dark red you only see in the desert. The rest of the sky was cobalt blue. The stars were [Continue]

mein phonen ist kaput!

So I umm accidentally and briefly let my phone get a tensy bit wet this morning. And now it’s not working. And I can’t get it all apart to clean it (the nice thing about working in an electronics shop is the plethora of stuff to fix electronic devices with usually). So…for a while it [Continue]