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happy birthday glenda!

Today is the 6th anniversary of my sister’s 29th birthday! Also the anniversary of the Wall being torn down in Berlin, and Crystalnacht. Edited to add: hmmm…this was supposed to be posted on the 9th of November. I am not sure why it did not, or why I can’t change the date to stick in [Continue]

happy birthday Glenda!

Happy Birthday Glenda! Today she is…ummm…carry the three…34 years old! We went out to dinner last night, Mexican food, and had a good time. Hopefully her bday gifts arrive soon, I could not find them locally, so I ordered them off teh internets.

shimba! has a new home

“A sudden influx of new Nursery orphaned elephants during the month of February prompted us to move four of the older orphans to our rehabilitation facility at Voi, Tsavo East National Park. At first we felt that the Ithumba Centre might perhaps be the best destination for them, that area having had more rain, and [Continue]

gonna have a nephew!

So Glenda had an ultrasound (is that right? sounds kinds sinister or sci-fi-ish) the other day and held off on telling everyone until last night. She’s gonna have a little boy, so I’ll be getting a nephew in a few months. Apparently he’s already pretty active, he’s been kicking a lot and moving around, and [Continue]

happy birthday Glenda!

Today is Glenda’s birthday. I think it is her fourth anniversary of her 29th birthday. It’s also the 70th anniversary of Krystalnacht. Leave it to the Germans to name a night of vandalism and destruction something poetic sounding like the night of crystal.


So what should little unnamed yet Baby Dearman be named? It’s an important question. Realizing, of course, that I have just about zero influence, here are some of my thoughts: Mike, Michael, and Michelle are right out: too many in the family. Glen could be good if it’s a boy. Deana or Diana maybe for [Continue]

of course!

A-ha! A giant robot castle! Like a transformer that is a robot and a castle! So the shoulders can be castle-ish turrets! I think I saw a Warhammer 40k titan that was like that, or maybe a robot from some anime. Yeah, a very quick google turned this up, not what I was remembering, but [Continue]

uncle mike

Since the parents have been told now, I can officially announce that I should be an Uncle at the end of April. Glenda is 6weeks-ish pregnant. They say that first time parents go a little crazy and extra protective and buy tons of crap and first time grandparents are that way, too. Well, this is [Continue]

my weekend

Didn’t do much this weekend. Friday I went over to Glenda & Dean’s and had a burger at Steak & Shake (and a shake as well), played a couple of games of Star Wars Miniatures. I won one, Dean won the other. Saturday didn’t do much, Jordan was over with a friend. They played Xbox [Continue]


Saturday Dean and I mowed yards. Glad he helped. It was hot and muggy and I went through a six pack of gatorade myself. Then we met up with a co-worker of his and went to Alpine Shooting range. Had a good time. My Remington 700 was right on target, maybe a little to the [Continue]

happy mother’s day

Happy Mother’s Day! We had the mom’s over to Glenda and Deans and us kids cooked for them. Mostly that meant that Glenda cooked, but Dean and I did the cookies, and he cut the chicken (beer butt chicken, was awesome), and I took the drink orders. It was good, the salad was nice, the [Continue]

hey glenda?

Dad mentioned that he would like the book by Gov. Perry about Boy Scouts, On My Honor: Why the American Values of the Boy Scouts Are Worth Fighting for. I know, weird that he wants a book, but I thought I would make a note of that since his birthday is coming up soon. I [Continue]

christmas booty

Christmas Loot: Cool Confederate Cavalry slouch hat from Glenda & Dean! Yee-Haw! Bedspread & sheets from Mom & Dad, 200 count! A sea captain nutcracker from Bonnie & Gary A Battlestar Galactica calendar from Michele Some hershey’s mint candies from Ron & Marion A Half Price Books gift card from Aunt Nancy & Uncle Paul [Continue]

duno what to get glenda

Still don’t know what to get Glenda for Christmas. Kinda running out of time to order something online. For sure she’ll get a copy of Santastic III: The Revenge of Claus! (my Christmas themed CD this year) but what else? Her list: Black skirt size 8 Sweaters size Medium Gift certificates for: massage, pedicure, eating [Continue]