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shooting at fort hood

Adam is alright. Just heard from Uncle Fred. Don’t know much. 7-9 dead, 12-20 wounded. Shooters dressed in army ACUs. Looks like the shooting was at the Family Readiness Center, where troops process in and out. The base is on lockdown. UPDATED 4:10pm 12 dead, 31 wounded at the Soldier Readiness Center. One shooter killed, [Continue]

today Adam heads to iraq

Cousin Adam of Arabia is heading back to Iraq this evening. His daughter is about two weeks old. Hopefully he’ll be able to get some college courses done, or some leadership stuff done, so that when he gets back he’ll have a better chance at becoming a warrant officer.

i’m a cousin!

My cousin Adam and his wife Tabitha had little Vivian May at 2000 hours down in Fort Hood. Yay! No pictures yet, or weight/height info. When I get that, I’ll post it. Adam is on leave until the 13th of June, I think. After than he heads out at some point soon to Iraq. Oddly [Continue]

talked to adam

Talked to Adam last night. Was a short conversation: “Hello?” “Mike?” “Adam? How are you doing?” “Ok garble crackle chillin’ thought I’d call crackle garble garble static.” “Good, you want to talk to your mom?” “Yes.” “Ok, let me see if I can find her…here she is.” Still, it was good to talk to him. [Continue]

adam is in iraq

Adam is in Iraq now. So his year tour has officially started now. (they don’t count transition/travel time, and their longer than expected stay in Kuwait therefore does not count) edited to add: got some bad intel there, the time “in country” starts when 51% of his unit is there, and there is no set [Continue]

knife sharpening implements

Knife sharpening stuff that Adam might want to get: Diamond Knife Sharpener $5.97 Pocket Sharpener $1.60 Unfortunatley, they do not stock these two items at their retail store on the Northside, so they’ll need to be ordered and shipped Or see if something simmilar is available at the PX or the local Oshmans or Academy [Continue]

more pics

More pics of Adam’s knife are up. I’m calling it “finished” now. I used a little bit of boiled linseed oil on the handle. Painted the metal bits black. Painted the sheath deserty tan. If I had to do it over again I’d make a lot of changes. I would not weld the end [Continue]

knife update

worked some more on Adam’s knife. It’s coming along. Learned some good lessons. – don’t weld the end cap on directly to the tang, weld a bolt to the tang, you can clamp it and get this straight/parrallel. Then weld a nut to the end cap, and screw it on. Veryvery difficult to get a [Continue]

knife for Adam

I’m making/modifing a knife for my cousin Adam to take to Iraq. He said that his unit, not being infantry, are not issued bayonets or knives, so I thouhgt I’d make him one. I picked up a very nice spanish CETME bayonet at Smokey Mountain Knife Works for $7 or $8. Monday I drilled out [Continue]