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hey glenda?

Dad mentioned that he would like the book by Gov. Perry about Boy Scouts, On My Honor: Why the American Values of the Boy Scouts Are Worth Fighting for. I know, weird that he wants a book, but I thought I would make a note of that since his birthday is coming up soon. I [Continue]

house update

Got some more pictures of the house up in the gallery. I whittled the pictures down from a brazillion to just 8 pages worth. Most of the work lately has been on the inside. The hidden door is proving to be problematic. Once it’s done, then the iron rail on the porch can be finished, [Continue]

I got a (rare)

I got a (rare) email from my dad over in Kirkuk today. Lots of family stuff, he misses us, then this: ” I got some really good pictures of the two wounded Ali Babas that the SAWS operator shot. I don’t know if I told you about that incident or not. We drove up to [Continue]

Well, it’s official. I

Well, it’s official. I just got confirmation from NWA (not the old rap group, but the airline). I’ll be leaving around noon on Thursday and arriving just shy of midnight on Friday. For some reason the flight is going to Dubai and not continuing on to Abu Dhabi. Maybe we are spending the first night [Continue]