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what bush needs to do

The current President Bush needs to repeal the 1989 ban on importation of non-sporting assault rifles. This executive order, signed by his father, prohibits bringing in semi-automatic firearms that are considered non-sporting. The problem is that “sporting” is not defined, so it’s up to the ATF to determine what is and is not sporting. I [Continue]


My little cousin Adam just found out he’s going to be a father. He told me that he wants to be a better father than his father. His dad was not in the picture at all, really. His parents never married, and his father ran off around the time Adam was born. Dee moved around [Continue]

The Gipper is dead

Reagan was the first president that I really remember. I was in second grade when he was shot, two months after taking office. I remember his staunch anti-communism, but also that he extended a hand to Gorbachev to halt the nuclear arms race. Trust, but verify. Peace through strength. “Uncle Sam is a friendly old [Continue]


Man, I wish I could write like this: Alchemy Turning lead into gold. A dream of of ancient Kings, but one more truly realized by we, the Individual Sovereigns of these United States of America. And its a simple process, really. Some steel, maybe a dash of aluminum, a bit of brass, frequently mixed with [Continue]

Mark Hotopp

My Scoutmaster, Mark Hotopp, died Sunday night. He wasn’t the only Scoutmaster of our troop, Troop 43 in Fort Worth. I think the first one I had was Ski Lieski at least he’s the first I remember, there may have been another guy at first. Anyway, then there was Bill Douglas, then I think after [Continue]