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“Every fighter I have that flies right now has a targeting pod on it. That targeting pod allows our pilots to sit and stare to the point where — in coordination with our ground soldiers whether conventional or unconventional — our pilots are able to talk directly to them and tell them what he is [Continue]

semper fi

“COL. SIMCOCK: (Chuckles.) I’ll tell you what, the one thing that all Marines want to know about — and that includes me and everyone within Regimental Combat Team 6 — we want to know that the American public are behind us. We believe that the actions that we’re taking over here are very, very important [Continue]

saddam hung

Camera phone video of saddam’s execution Some dude quoted on BoingBoing said: “The images of Saddam, and the notion that our country had a hand in such medieval barbarism were so disturbing, that I immediately sought solace…” I don’t understand people like that. If anyone in the last 20 years deserved death, it was Saddam. [Continue]

saddam goes to the gallows

So Saddam was found guilty and will be heading to the gallows. Good! Hopefully it will be televised and the hangman will do a piss-poor job and he’ll strangle to death rather than have a clean break. Why? Well, televised, because I think it is important that the people of Iraq and the rest of [Continue]


Reality checks: some responses to the latest Lancet estimates “Summary A new study has been released by the Lancet medical journal estimating over 650,000 excess deaths in Iraq. The Iraqi mortality estimates published in the Lancet in October 2006 imply, among other things, that: On average, a thousand Iraqis have been violently killed every single [Continue]


“Joao Silva for The New York Times A sniper loyal to Shiite cleric Moqtada al Sadr fires towards U.S. positions in the cemetery in Najaf, Iraq. Michele McNally: “Right there with the Mahdi army. Incredible courage.”” WTF? “Incredible courage” ??!?!?! Incredible courage would’ve been Mr. Silva beating the sniper to death with his telephoto lens [Continue]