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free range kids

Free Range Kids “Do you ever… ..let your kid ride a bike to the library? Walk alone to school? Take a bus, solo? Or are you thinking about it? If so, you are raising a Free Range Kid! At Free Range, we believe in safe kids. We believe in helmets, car seats and safety belts. [Continue]

Christmas booty!

Got some phat loots for Christmas: An El Paso Saddlery “Texas” gunbelt for cowboy shootin’ a gift card for a half price books gift card (y’all know that this weekend is their 20 additional % off sale, right, so the gift card goes even further then) several ornaments for a Christmas tree, including three [Continue]

at long last

My cousins had the coolest toy gun when I was a kid. It was a copy of an M14 rifle, with detachable magazine, and it shot some sort of plastic dart/bullet. It was the bomb. At some point it became the toy gun that was left at our grandparents house for playing with out there. [Continue]

new cousin!

This is my newest cousin, little Nash Forrest Conn He was named that so that his initials would be NFC (yup, the National Football Conference). You can’t tell from the pictures, but he has cataracts on his eyes, I assume like Glenda’s. So they took him to a pediatric eye doctor and he was not [Continue]

I scare small children

Apparently. The last two small children I have held screamed like banshees whilst I held them, then went immediately back into non-banshee mode when I no longer held them. Also, baby Jackson cried every time I tried to play with him. So I am some sort of child scaring monster, apparently. Quite sad. EDITED TO [Continue]


So what should little unnamed yet Baby Dearman be named? It’s an important question. Realizing, of course, that I have just about zero influence, here are some of my thoughts: Mike, Michael, and Michelle are right out: too many in the family. Glen could be good if it’s a boy. Deana or Diana maybe for [Continue]

uncle mike

Since the parents have been told now, I can officially announce that I should be an Uncle at the end of April. Glenda is 6weeks-ish pregnant. They say that first time parents go a little crazy and extra protective and buy tons of crap and first time grandparents are that way, too. Well, this is [Continue]

happy birthday fisto!

Today little Fisto turns 4. Happy Birthday lil’ Michael! Thank God your dad decided to name you Michael instead of Fisto. Although it does make a cool nickname. But man! Can you imagine? Anyway… He’s up in Canada celebrating with his madre’s familia. They’ll be up there about three weeks. For his birthday I got [Continue]

Fisto update

Picked up the Big Boy Bed for little Michael on Tuesday. Waaaaaaaaaay over in Grand Prairie. Actually it was not too far away, it was just north of 30 and 360. But it took the warehouse guys a looooong ass time to get to us. Oh well. It fit in the back of my truck [Continue]

t-shirt ideas

“Don’t tase me, bro” t-shirt Also a “Don’t tase me, bro” in kids sizes, as Jess wants one for Michael. So maybe a “Don’t tase me, daddy” for kids? Also, a kids shirt that says “I go #3!”

i’m an uncle again!

Yay! Little Jackson Weaver has arrived! The text says: “Jackson joined us at 10:57pm and is 6 pounds 6 ounces and 19 inches long” 10:57pm Kalifornia time is…12:57am Central. Since it’s…2:55am here right now and I just got this scant moments ago, this picture is less than two hours old and of a less than [Continue]

now i remember

Now I remember what I was going to write about Wessika. The Jessika part of Wessika got a job! Yay! She’s working for the daycare place that little Michael goes to, so not only is she paid but his tuition is free, which is a pretty good deal. Today was, I think, her first day, [Continue]

jackson weaver flaa

Looks like Rick & Steph’s son-to-be finally has a name: Jackson Weaver Flaa. Also looks like he may be arriving next week. Yay! Steph’s mom’s maiden name is Weaver. There are several John’s in the family already, (two grandads an uncle, and a cousin) so they went with Jackson rather than John. Makes sense. Rick [Continue]