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ban gasoline! for the children!

$1 worth of gasoline can kill up to 87 people! And in the US gasoline sales are not regulated or registered at all! Even children as young as 10 can buy gasoline! Some people even keep dangerous gasoline in quantities of up to 5 gallons in their homes! In their homes! Whole neighborhoods could be [Continue]

crazy people

Crazy people do crazy things. Crazy people killing people is not a new thing. School attacks by crazy people are not new, either. Nor are attacks where the attacker suicides at the end. Nor is this just an American thing. It’s world wide and all throughout history. update: Looks like the Connecticut elementary school shooter’s [Continue]


http :// “VENDOR NOTICE-AUSTIN SHOW ONLY: At the direction of the Austin Police Department and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms, ONLY LICENSED FFL DEALERS will be allowed to set up and sell firearms at the N. Austin Show Location. (This does not affect our vendors who do not sell firearms)” Where do the [Continue]

wtf? nobel peace prize is now a joke

Teddy Roosevelt wins the Nobel Peace Prize for stopping a war between Russia and Japan. Woodrow Wilson won his Peace Prize for creating the League of Nations after WWI, an institution dedicated to peace. Jimmy Carter wins the Prize for a lifetime of work finding peaceful solutions to international conflicts. Obama wins the prize for…breathing? [Continue]