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saturday night aar

Went on a date Saturday night. First one. I thought it went well. Guess I’ll find out for sure tonight. Chillis for dinner, then 8.0 for drinks, then saw The Family Stone. I had a good time. Think we have simmilar taste in music and movies. We’re pretty close in age, so I don’t have [Continue]

poster print 1.0

poster print 1.0 grrrr…. does not work in windows 2000! hmmm… I need to print our some maps that are kinda large. Kinko’s wants $10 a square foot! So for a 36×36 inch map they want $90! That seems a bit high, and I need three, so… I’m looking for something that will cut up [Continue]

why we have the second ammendment

In Algiers, citizen sentries (you’ll have to scroll down to find it) 2:05 p.m. By Susan Langenhennig West Bank bureau “Just after dusk on Tuesday night, with the rumble of helicopters and airplanes still overhead, Gareth Stubbs took his spot in a rocking chair on the balcony of an Algiers Point house, a shotgun, bottle [Continue]


gah! There seems to be a conspiracy out there to keep me poor. SOG, out of Ohio, has imported some Czech police pistols, CZ-82s. 12 (+1) rounds of 9x18mm Makarov. Small size. Fixed sights. Mag catch is in the “normal” place, not a lever on the bottom of the gun like on lots of euro-pistols. [Continue]


Took a long lunch break today. From 11:40 to 5:30. My friend Jenny is in town. I haven’t seen her in…well, it’s been waaaaaay too long. Maybe four years? It was good to see here again, and luckily she didn’t have anywhere to go till 6 or so, so we sat in Angelos and talked [Continue]

U2 tickets on The Match game

so I don’t forget, door number three has U2 tickets, on 102.9s matchup game. At least on the one going on right now. wonder if there’s a website with all the revealed prizes? hmmmmm…looks like the radio station themselves is showing some of the stuff, I bet it’s the stuff that’s already been won. EDITED [Continue]

What Arabs Really Think

What Arabs Really Think by James Dunnigan May 29, 2005 What do Arabs really think about the problems that afflict them, and how is this related to the issues Islamic terrorists are fighting and dying (and killing) for? A recent “Opinion Survey of the Arab Street 2005” by Al Arabiya news network provides some interesting [Continue]

Take this quiz and

Take this quiz and you’re entered to win a 63 INCH plasma TV! 63 inch!!!!!! The answers are: 1) D $200 2) B 200 kHz 3) C 5.45 mV 4) C 4 5) C 7680 6) B (or anything else, no wrong answer here) Did I mention it’s a 63 inch plasma TV?!!!! (BTW, the [Continue]

U.N. youth report a

U.N. youth report a ‘wake-up call’ HIV/AIDS is spreading fastest, the report said, among youths in sub-Saharan Africa, where about 8.6 million youths are infected — 62 percent of them female. South Asia follows, with 1.1 million youths infected — 62 percent of them female. The report said poverty was a factor in the spread [Continue]

hmmmm….maybe my next case

hmmmm….maybe my next case mod will look like this. or not. UPDATE: Definately not. The next case I build will be Star Wars related. Like this Imperial Star Destroyer PC Case. Or this Millenium Falcon. Drool…..

Did you know that

Did you know that there is a country between France and Spain? Andorra was co-ruled by the head of France and a Bishop in Spain for 700-odd years, till 1993 when they became a parlimentary democracy. 1993!!!!!