got hacked, sorry.

If you’ve been here the last week or so you probably saw tons and tons of posts about schools, test taking, etc. Well they were all spam that someone put here after they hacked my admin account. I contacted the testing places and schools thus advertised but of course they disavow all knowledge of who would have done that. Right, like they didn’t pay someone for those links, somewhere.

Anywho. Sorry about that, hopefully it’s cleaned up now and does not happen again.

back up

So for the last two years, ish, this site has been wonky, and I apologize for that. The theme is was using, Landzilla, no longer works properly with the newer versions of PHP, so you got lots of nice little warnings and error messages every time you looked at the site, then the content was displayed down below them. However, the warnings and errors kept me from getting into the dashboard to make any changes. And between going back to school full time, Shanna getting laid off, Shanna getting pregnant, and whatnot, well, the condition of this website kinda fell to the wayside.

Sorry about that.

But now, with a huge amount of work (seriously, it’s taken a week or so) I’ve finally(?) fixed it. I don’t like the layout, but all(?) the old content is still here and accessible. And I can modify the layout, just need to do that, again.

Or code my own. hmmm…..

inexpensive chest rig

Over at Uncle Sam’s Retail Outlet, you can get a USMC chest rig for $20. It probably will not come with the harness, but one can easily be made. I used a USMC Source hydration bladder pack, $10 at Uncle Sam’s, but probably any camel-back type pack would work, or an old ALICE y-harness, or just make a harness from straps and connectors.

The connector on the straps matched right up to the male connector on top of the chest rig. The male connector on the pack had to be replaced with a female one. Luckily, my chest rig came with two extra female connectors, but they’re like $1 each at Mil-Spec Monkey. I also added a slider to help keep the female buckle on the pack in place, but that might not be necessary. You can always sew it in place, but I was looking for a no-sew solution.

Bam, that’s it, you are done. Under $50, and a great chest rig!

There is a thread on right now about these chest rigs and how to attach harness to them.

Also, while ordering for Uncle Sam’s, they have double mag pouches for $3, and the veryvery awesome USMC Filbe assault pack for $50. It’s soooo much more comfortable than the older Marpat pack, or the Army’s assault packs.

Make sure you wander around the site, and check it often, as their stock is constantly changing. They have Bianchi M9 holsters for $16 right now, where most places have them for $40 or so.

got a new stove yesterday, but no microwave :(

So last weekend, July 4th weekend, my wife and I went to Sears and bought a new stove and a microwave/vent combo. While cooking brisket on Memorial Day our old stove went tits up. She finally had it up to here not having a working stove, so we went out and bought one, on sale. Got everything ordered, and arranged for delivery and install this Thursday, the 11th of July. Took the day off work to be there for the delivery, as my wife was unable to.

Wednesday I got two calls, one saying they’d deliver from 10 to noon, the other from 2 to 4. For some reason the microwave was delivered separately from the stove. So I had to take the whole day off from work, using up the last of my vacation days. :(

About noon, maybe a little later, the first guys show up with the stove. They called 15 minutes out, and I said I was there and ready, and noticed that my phone was dying so I put it on the charger. They rang the doorbell, I let them in, they are in and out in 45 ish minutes. Nice guys, tipped them a $20 for their troubles. While they were there I did a little work outside with power tools, but once they left I was back inside on the couch watching Major Crimes we’d dvr’d (it’s a continuation of The Closer but without the closer lady). I didn’t clean out the pool in the back, as I was afraid I might miss the microwave guy. Didn’t run the dishwasher or washing machine for the same reason. Even didn’t get on my pc and play video games since it’s in the guest room, and I might not hear a knock on the door. (I’d hear he doorbell in any room in the house, it’s veryvery loud) Just sat there watching tv, on the couch about 10 feet from the front door, and before too long it was 1pm, then 2pm, then 3pm and I was getting annoyed. Then it was 4 and I thought I’d be nice and wait a little longer, just in case of traffic or something, and then it was 4:30 so I go check my phone, which had been recharging on the thing in the kitchen.

Well, it turns out that I forgot to take off the case first, so it didn’t recharge, and just died. So I take off the case, charge it up a bit, and sure enough there was a missed call. From a number I did not recognize, and I assumed it was them as it was from 1:30ish.

903 860 3176 was the number. I call, and ask if this is the install guys, the man who answered said yes, so I ask where my microwave is? He then takes five minutes to figure out my phone number, and then puts me on hold while he looks it up. Comes back five minutes later and says he called me earlier and his guy came and went to or door and rang the bell and I was not there. WTF? I sure as heck was! I’m still here! Never left! From the get go once he came back after putting me on hold he was rude and crochety and an ass. And he called me a liar, and said I was on drugs or something. What. The. Hell?

He would not tell me his name. He said the guy would not come back today, because he had more clients. I said well, he didn’t install anything here so he should have enough time to come here and install it, unless y’all overbooked or something. Crotchety Old Guy said they could come back on Monday or Tuesday. I said I could not take another day off from work. Crotchety Old Guy again accused me of lying and said I was not at the house today, so maybe I should’ve thought of that before doing whatever it was I was doing other than being at my house. I said I was there, I was here, no one came to the door other than the guys from the stove and the mailman. I heard him come and drop off the mail, think I would’ve heard someone else at the door, especially if they knocked or rang the doorbell. We’ve got a big knocker, it’s quite loud, and the doorbell can be heard in the entire house. I even checked when he was on the phone, by ringing it, and he could hear it through the phone. That’s when he said I was making no sense and must be on drugs. Which is when I asked to speak to his supervisor.

And he said he was the supervisor. Huh, your customer service skills suck. (didn’t say that, but thought it). Asked his name again, was told it was none of my business. Asked for the name of the company, said that, too was none of my business.

Now, I was in phone based technical support, and billing, for several years. I know the “I’m the supervisor” ruse. We used it while working the night shift when there was no supervisor there, although we figured out pretty quick it was much better to designate another co-worker as the supervisor and let them talk to the customer, as usually they felt better having felt that they were talking to someone else, not the person they were having a problem with. Just talking to someone else generally made them calmer. And usually once you got them out of that attack mentality we could get down to solving the problem they were having which caused them to call to begin with. You reassure them that someone is there who cares about your problem and help them. And it works. And usually by the end of the call they are all calm and happy and usually no longer mad at the tech. This guy was not doing it right. He was doing it in the “I don’t want to be in trouble” way. Which I also saw a lot of while I did that work. Now, we did have an incident where a tech had helped out a customer, and then after the tech went home the guy called back, and once he knew the tech was not there he then called 411 and tried everyone with that name in the Dallas area till he found the tech’s home number, and then called him. Repeatedly. Over several days and at all hours of the night. And when the tech finally was like dude never call me again at my house, the customer called in and complained! After that, for privacy/protection, we could give out a fake name, as long as the managers knew what that alias was. So giving a fake name is not always a sign of ill intent. But refusing to give out a name, or the name of the company, is. And this guy was refusing to give me his name (or an alias, it’s not like I would know it was fake) or his company’s name. And now he was saying he was not the supervisor, he was the owner of the company. Huh.

I said “if you think you are in the right, if you honestly thik you are, and that your guy came to my house and rang the doorbell and I was just not there, then why _not_ give me your name and company name? Why hide it?”

That’s when he started talking about cancelling my order, and I’d just be out the money. I said hey, I paid y’all to deliver this today and you haven’t, and he got even more belligerent, said I didn’t pay him, Sears does, and I was just out of luck, because their policy is not to go to a house twice. I said it would not break your policy because you haven’t been here yet!

I asked him where my microwave was now? He said when his guy was done for the day he’d take his truck home, and that was that. So, he’s taking my microwave home with him? Isn’t that theft? No, he was returning it to the store first, am I some kind of dumbass. What store? “You don’t know what store you bought this from? You _must_ be on something!” No dumbass, is he returning it to Sears or to your store? He did not appreciate being called a dumbass. Tough. I don’t appreciate being called a liar and accused of doing drugs.

Now his voice was getting higher.

And I got even calmer, because, again from all that experience, I know that really pisses people off when you are calm and they are all flustered. :)

I asked if his guy left a note on the door, like UPS or FedEx or the Post Office does. No. Did he take a picture of the front of my house, to prove he’d been there? No. So how do they know he was here? Because he called my phone and I didn’t answer. Somehow, in Crotchety Old Guy’s view, that indicated I was not home. I am not sure how that is so, and if he was truly solely going by that then he was kinda admitting that his guy didn’t ring the door bell or knock. He didn’t like that, I shouldn’t be calling him a liar. Well, Crotchety Old Guy, you’re calling me one!

It devolved further from there. He just kept shouting that he called and I didn’t answer. I kept asking for his name, and the company name. He would give me neither. I said, talk to the guys who installed the stove, they were here right around that time and I was here. Crotchety Old Guy said he didn’t care if I had a stove, washer, or furniture installed, I was not there. I said I was, and again asked his name. He said I wasn’t making any sense and hung up.

Then I called Sears from the number on my receipt. The lady I talked to there was very nice, and unfortunately by then it was 5pm-ish, and it was too late to send anyone else out. So we scheduled another company, not the one Crotchety Old Guy works for, or owns, or supervises, to come out next Saturday, the 20th.

After talking to Sears I checked my voice mails on my phone, which was now nicely charged up, and there was one that I couldn’t make out other than “staticstatic Sears Installation staticstatic” at 1:30, and two from the Crotchety Old Guy saying “Hello, Hello, anyone home?” on the voice mail of my cell phone at 1:40. Perhaps I should’ve given them the house number instead, but I figured if I was in the yard doing something I could have my cell phone with me, and same for the bathroom. In the future, I’ll just give them the house phone, but still, dude should’ve knocked on the door, or rang the doorbell, if he even came by.

Then today, I get a call from a blocked number, saying she’s the secretary for The Installer. Installer of what? The micro-hood. Ok, I guess this is the different company, she asks about delivering this Saturday, I say no, it was supposed to be next Saturday. Then she says she is recording the call, wishes me a nice weekend, and hangs up. Now I’m thinking she was with the Crotchety Old Guy Company.

Looking that number up on google, I get this info from the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation Result Listing:

1945 FM 1448
County: FRANKLIN Residential Appliance Installer
License #: 167954
Expiration Date: 06/02/2014
Type: AI
Phone: (903) 860-3176

I don’t know what the company name is still, but from looking around on the Licensing and Registration website I see that Franklin, MJ, and Bradley Feagley all are licensed with the state to be Residential Appliance Installers, and Franklin is also an Electrical Apprentice. So I think I will be taking this up not just with Sears and the BBB, but the state licensing people, too.

A quick look on the BB website shows nothing for Appliance Installer, Dallas, Tx, nor anything for this phone number. :(

Now, a quick look at the Franklin County Tax Appraisal District’s webpage, shows two Feagleys: Franklin at a different address, 1847 FM 1448, and Roy Lee at the address above. Google Maps Street View of 1945 FM 1448 does not look like a business, but you never really can tell with street view, or Google Maps for that matter, especially in the countryside.

Wonder if Roy was the Crotchety Old Guy, and maybe Franklin or Bradly, or MJ was the driver who didn’t show up? Maybe MJ is the woman who called today? Dunno.

Playing the Devil’s Advocate, it is possible that their guy did drive up yesterday, and seeing no car in the driveway (the truck and the Hyundai were around in the back, on the other side of the gate), he decided not to walk up and see if I was home, but just called, and getting no answer then drove off. It’s still wrong, and if that’s the case I can understand that, but man up and admit it. Don’t tell me you came to the door and rang the doorbell when I was right there all afternoon!

Also I find it odd that they came by early, 1:30ish allegedly, and stayed for “15 minutes” which is still not the time they were supposed to be coming. So if I had, say, worked that morning and was on the way there, which was not the case, and I arrived at 1:50, I’d still have missed them, so wtf?

So, anyone know how to find out the name of the company that was supposed to install my microwave yesterday, since Sears said they couldn’t tell me?

been a while

Sorry I haven’t blogged anything in a while. School got busy, plus work and life.

Ended up with a B in Calculus, and A’s in Intro to Engineering and Intermediate Machine Shop.

Gonna take a higher load of classes in the fall, Calc 2, Physics 1, Intro to Electrical Engineering Lab Tools(not what it’s called, but what it is), Engineering Graphics, 3d Design, and something else that has slipped my mind. Assuming that UTA gets of their butts and lets me enroll in the graphics class. They have had all my info for a month now, still no “decision” on if I can take classes from them. Ugh.


“First they came for the blacks, and I spoke up because it was wrong, even though I’m not black.

Then they came for the gays, and I spoke up, even though I’m not gay.

Then they came for the Muslims, and I spoke up, because it was wrong, even though I’m an atheist.

When they came for illegal aliens, I spoke up, even though I’m a legal immigrant.

Then they came for the pornographers, rebels and dissenters and their speech and flag burning, and I spoke up, because rights are not only for the establishment.

Then they came for the gun owners, and you liberal shitbags threw me under the bus, even though I’d done nothing wrong. So when they come to put you on the train, you can fucking choke and die.”Michael Z Williamson

interesting: difference between europeans and americans

Saw this on The Smallest Minority today:

After the 1996 school shooting in Dunblane, Scotland, the British Parliament rushed through legislation banning handguns above .22 rimfire caliber, and it wasn’t a ban saying “You can’t have any more,” it was a “Mr. & Mrs. Law-abiding British Subject, we know who you are and we know what you own – turn them all in.” From this 1998 British Home Office report, Firearm Certificate Statistics, England and Wales, 1997 (PDF):

Following the shooting incident in Dunblane, Scotland, in March 1996, changes to the existing firearms legislation were introduced to increase public safety. The resulting Firearms (Amendment) Act 1997 banned all handguns over .22 calibre with effect from 1 October 1997. A hand-in exercise took place between 1 July and 30 September 1997 which resulted in 110,382 of these larger calibre handguns being surrendered in England and Wales, while 24,620 smaller calibre handguns were handed in voluntarily in anticipation of further legislation. The remaining large calibre handguns held on certificate include muzzle-loading guns, signalling apparatus, firearms used for the humane killing of animals, war trophies etc. (All handguns were subsequently prohibited from 1 February 1998).

In the UK, they surrendered guns that were not banned. Here in America when we think something is about to be banned, we buy every one we can get our hands on, and everything we think might get banned along with it.


Let’s see – Native Americans were wards of the state for a century, and, until the recent casino boom, were the most impoverished, addiction ridden, unemployed group in society; the family farmer has been the object of endless state programs to save him for most of the 20th century, and his numbers have shrunk from over half the population to under 2%; black people were “adopted” by the modern welfare state about 50 years ago, with the result that the black family has shattered, perhaps irreparably, and the male part is massively either in prison or unemployed, while the female half now has a 75% or so rate of births out of wedlock, and single parent families struggling with poverty lead to homicide from gang activity being the primary cause of death for young black males.

The wars on poverty and drugs continues to decimate the very populations they were supposed to help, the federal education programs have overseen a massive decline in the competency and educational achievements of our youth across the board, and catastrophically poor literacy rates among the minority communities.

The Fed decided to massively aid the housing market, to assist people in buying homes, and within a few decades, the housing and financial markets collapsed into a recession which we are still struggling to climb out of, and return to a semblence of our former economic levels.

And so now, the progressive state under the current progressive regime is going to come to the aid of the struggling middle class?

Yeah, that will work out just fine…“- Samizdata commenter ‘veryretired’

ugh. atf screwups in milwaukee

ATF’s Milwaukee sting operation marred by mistakes, failures

They had guns stolen from them, their “undercover” store was burglarized, then they stiffed the landlord for $15000 in damages and back rent/utilities. And they were paying such high prices for guns that people were going to Gander Mountain and buying new guns then going to them to sell them at a profit! They paid over $1000 for a S&W .40 pistol, which is maybe $700 new!


People of New York! I’ve started a new service for y’all (or youse). We rehabilitate evil assault weapons and “high” capacity magazines. Send them down to us, the Gandalf23 Home for Wayward Assault Weaponss (and their Accessories) where they can be rehabilitated away from evil and learn to live their lives in peace in an environment of acceptance and tolerance, instead of hidden away in closets and attics in shame and criminality.

As of last night magazines with a capacity of greater than 10 rounds must either leave the state or be destroyed. So send them down to us! We’ll see they are used for lawful purposes and treated with respect and dignity. Don’t let them rust away in your attics, in your basements, buried underground or hidden in the backs of your closets! Why risk criminal sanctions? Send them to us!

The law broadens the assault weapons ban to include any semi-automatic with a detachable magazine and one military-style feature, like a flash suppressor or a pistol grip. So send us your newly created, evil, assault weapons! We’ll take care of them, and rehabilitate them for good! All “NY Assault Weapons” will be, upon arrival in Texas, magically turned into “just firearms” and thus rendered un-evil. All such surrendered firearms will be put to lawful use in a loving, caring environment full of acceptance.

email for shipping address:
falfiles at gandalf 23 dot com

qotd 2

And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.” — Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn


Among the many misdeeds of British rule in India, history will look upon the Act depriving a whole nation of arms as the blackest.” – Mohandas Gandhi, an Autobiography, page 446.

ban gasoline! for the children!

$1 worth of gasoline can kill up to 87 people! And in the US gasoline sales are not regulated or registered at all! Even children as young as 10 can buy gasoline! Some people even keep dangerous gasoline in quantities of up to 5 gallons in their homes! In their homes! Whole neighborhoods could be destroyed by these reckless people!

The Happy Land fire was started by a drunk dude with about a dollar’s worth of gasoline and two matches. He killed 87 people in that fire in 1990. 9/11 killed more people, and so did the Oklahoma City bombing but then it’s this guy (I think).

crazy people

Crazy people do crazy things. Crazy people killing people is not a new thing. School attacks by crazy people are not new, either. Nor are attacks where the attacker suicides at the end. Nor is this just an American thing. It’s world wide and all throughout history.

Looks like the Connecticut elementary school shooter’s mom worked at the school and he killed her there, and maybe another member of the family at their house first. so this is basically a domestic dispute with lots of extra bonus killings. I would assume he thought something like “well, I’m already going to hell/jail for the first killing, might as well kill as many as possible” or maybe he was mad that the kids at the school got more attention from mommy than he did. Who knows? And unless a note is found we’ll never know for sure. All we do know for sure is that he was a sad pathetic cowardly fuck who should’ve eaten the bullet first instead of last and not put anyone through all this.

I think we need to start a campaign. Call it “First, not Last” and encourage homicidal fucks like this to off themselves first, not last after killing so many people. In order to assure they still get all the post mortem celebritizing they desire, we’ll encourage them to write out their sick little death fantasies, and then make sure to praise their “bravery” and “spirit” publicly for offing themselves before their inner monster was unleashed and they killed others.

We can even have scoreboards so that some guy that wants to walk into a hardware store with an axe and kill people will rank lower than someone who trows grenades in a shopping mall. It’ll kinda of be like Fantasy Football, except not. I figure if it encourages one of them to not kill others, it’ll be worth it. Plus it’ll give the media all kinds of gory details to obsess over and they can make neat charts and graphs and whatnots. win win.


“We don’t just borrow words; on occasion, English has pursued other languages down alleyways to beat them unconscious and rifle their pockets for new vocabulary.” — James Nicoll

case study in incompetence

But urgent requests for help were rejected — even when Woods and two others radioed that they had a laser fixed on the terrorists who were firing mortars and called in their coordinates.

Woods and another former SEAL, Glen Doherty, were killed by a mortar shell about six hours after the initial assault began.

“My son . . . responded to the cries for help and voluntarily sacrificed his life to protect the lives of other Americans,” says his father, Charles Woods.

“This has nothing to do with politics,” he added. “This has to do with integrity and honor. My son showed moral courage.”

True enough, surprise attacks happen.

But the failure to respond — leaving an American diplomat and his security team to their fate — defies comprehension.

This, even as e-mails show the State Department and White House Situation Room knew within the first couple of hours that an al Qaeda affiliate was publicly claiming responsibility.

But how could that be?

Hadn’t al Qaeda been defanged by SEAL Team 6 when it took out Osama bin Laden — and didn’t the president have the victory laps to prove it?

Well, apparently not.

So Obama & Co. stuck with the untenable claim that the Benghazi strike wasn’t a terrorist attack at all, but a “spontaneous” mob assault prompted by that anti-Muslim video.

Indeed, says Woods, Clinton vowed to him at a White House meeting that “we’re going to have that person arrested and prosecuted that did the video.”

And don’t you just know, the “person . . . that did the video” is in jail, on a very dubious probation-violation charge. (So it seems the administration can follow through on some things when it chooses.)

Equally offensive was the bizarre remark at the same event by a “loud and boisterous” Vice President Joe Biden, who reportedly asked Woods, “Did your son always have balls the size of cue balls?”

This man is a heartbeat away?

Compare that crudity with Charles Woods’ outraged dignity: “I wish that the leadership in the White House had the same level of moral courage and heroism that my son displayed.”

He wants “the person or persons who made the decision to sacrifice my son’s life to stand up” — and accept responsibility.

Not going to happen.

Not in this administration.

Acknowledging what really happened in Benghazi would mean confessing to hubris, incompetence, amateurism and deceit.

These are, sadly, Obama hallmarks.

So, what does the president have to say for himself?

“Well, we are finding out exactly what happened,” Obama told a reporter Friday.

Forty-seven days late and four lives short, sad to say.

So add cluelessness to the bill of Obama particulars — which goes a long way toward explaining the clouds of acrid smoke hanging over the entire Middle East.

As does nature, statecraft abhors a vacuum. When one develops, adventurers and advantage-takers appear in short order.

Iran continues to build its bomb; Syria burns; Turkey awaits its fate, and Egypt is looking at a Muslim Brotherhood-enforced Sharia state.

Think of it as Benghazi writ large.

Time to evict the deceiving amateurs.

the consequences of benghazi

Without a doubt, there are more consequences than are listed here, and we certainly should understand why certain decisions were made to do nothing, to reduce security, and, for weeks, to blame the whole enchillada on a radical youtube video…

First of all, we lost four very good men during the attack. Men that are irreplacable.

Second, we know now that the President, the VP and the SecDef knew what was happening within a relatively immediate timeframe. The way it should have worked was that the SecDef should have given the President options. Of course, one option is to do nothing. Apparently, even after knowing what was happening and having drone footage ~2 hours into the fight, the President decided on nothing. This is problematic if you work for State in the ME. You know now that the President won’t help you in times of dire need. You will either stop taking any risks or you will decide to use more force than might be necessary. Either way, it’s not good for our State people over there.

The President made the decision to not use F18s (even in a flyover to shake the resolve of the terrorists). The President made the decision to go to Vegas to a campaign dinner.

So what is worse than our State people now knowing that the President will do nothing if they are attacked?

Al Qaeda knows that now, too.

obama throws military under the bus, or at least tries to

“Neither the president nor anyone in the White House denied any requests for assistance in Benghazi,” -National Security Council spokesman Tommy Vietor

“Mr. President, when you say that you didn’t deny aid to those brave men in Benghazi, but that members of the US Military decided not to send aid to your personal representative under attack all on their own and you had no influence over that decision, then you are either derelict, incompetent, or a liar.

Either way, that means to me (and hopefuly soon, a whole mess of registered voters) you don’t deserve to be Commander in Chief.” – Deebow